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Summer Road Trip Destination: Sandy, Oregon

One of our favorite trail systems of all time is Oregon’s Sandy Ridge Trail. Designed for mountain bikers, by mountain bikers, Sandy Ridge is model trail system of what can be done when all the right pieces come together. A land manager that understands mountain biking, and the economic benefits to providing recreation to our […]

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Defining flow for the masses

Ask a die-hard mountain biker what “flow” is and you’ll likely get an enthusiastic response. Compare the answers though, and odds are you’ll find them to be very different. Ask a random person off the street what flow is in context to the mountain biking experience, and who knows what kind of response you’ll receive. […]

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Sandy Ridge Super D

The first Super D race on the Sandy Ridge Trail system was held this weekend, and it was followed up with an awards party with open and flowing kegs at Windells. Even better, the jump lines and concrete parks were open for shredding. It was by far the best day of bike partying I can […]

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PDX Trail Updates: Scappoose and lower Hide and Seek now open

Source: NWTA Sandy Ridge update: Lower Hide and Seek is open as of 7/2/10. And it is riding really, really well. A lot of work has gone into re-enforcing the tread with rock and aggregate, and it should hold up much better this winter. A number of sections have been modified as well, and as […]

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Sandy Ridge Trail Temporary Closure – updated

UPDATED June 16th- Trail Closure extended due to crappy weather. See: The Sandy Ridge Trail is everyone’s favorite new piece of single track. Unfortunately, the never ending barrage of rain and the huge amount of use has had a substantial effect on the Hide and Seek Trail. The trail has been hit hard, and […]

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UPDATE: Marmot is out, Road 14 is in

<UPDATED>We’ll just get to the point regarding the Flow Trails at the Marmot Dam area. Freeride trails were not authorized for the area, and will not be sanctioned at this time. All the wood structures featured in the previous post have been decommissioned. Does it suck? Yes. It is heart breaking to see the hard […]

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