Eichler Park: A few possible design layouts

Portland, Oregon area riders got a small win with the approval and go ahead of an Adopt-a-Park agreement between Tualatin Valley Parks and Rec and local advocacy group the Northwest Trail Alliance. The NWTA will officially be partnering with Parks to take over maintenance of a small BMX park in Beaverton, a suburb of Portland. Conveniently […]

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Eichler Bike Park Project in Beaverton gets the green light

Awesome news for mountain bikers in Portland, Oregon: local mountain bike advocacy group, the Northwest Trail Alliance, is about to move ahead with what will be the first sanctioned bicycle skills park (on dirt) in the Portland Metropolitan area. We first reported on the Eichler Park Bike Jump area back in May of this year, as part […]

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The Northwest School of Freeride at Windells Camp

Portland, Oregon has one of the largest concentrations of bicycle friendly concrete skateparks. It is heaven for a lot of 20″ riders, and more than a few top rank BMXers live in the area and call it home. However, when it comes to dirt, and facilities for beginners and intermediates, there isn’t anything for rider […]

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Abandoned BMX jump park found in Beaverton

When I drove by this practically abandoned BMX park in Beaverton last week, I had to stop and record some images on my iPhone. I was at once excited and more than a bit bummed to see it. It is clear that Tualatin Parks and Rec maintains the park from the recently mowed lawns. However, it is […]

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Can the Grotto Trails be saved?

I just got off the phone with Shad Johnson of GoodsBMX where we discussed the possible demise of the classic dirt jump spot, the Grotto. At the moment, it appears that there is a strong possibility that the jumps will be plowed. Due to complaints by one of the local residents, the dirt jumps have […]

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Sessioning a new jump line in Ashland, OR

Our favorite secret trail in Ashland, Oregon, while not being at all that secret, has received an upgrade. One of the most enjoyable sections of trail now features actual jumps. Ashland is known for fun and fast lines, but the trails are lacking in providing actual air time. (Which is why the also secret Wagner […]

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Hall Ranch Trails

We finally received a taste of Colorado single track last week when we rode the Hall Ranch Trails. Once we had picked up our Subaru supplied IMBA car and our new Fisher Roscoe trail bikes, (and customized them with some key spec changes for getting rad), we were anxious to get them out on a […]

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Santa Cruz Session

We met up with some of the homies last Sunday for a session at a secret spot in Santa Cruz. It was super fun. Santa Cruz has some of the best riding in the area, with soft loamy dirt, that your tires just stick to. Not only that, the weather is great.

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