IMBA Trail Care Crew

End of the Road: IMBA TCC

All things come to an end; some things sooner rather than later, and sometimes sooner than expected. And our journey as the Trail Care Crew is one of those things. There are a lot of reasons for it, which we don’t need to go into at this time. Instead, we’re looking at what is ahead […]

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Kelowna, BC – Tour de Canada, Part I

Kelowna was our first stop of three for our Subaru/ IMBA TCC tour of Canada, and our first taste of some real BC single track. We learned an important lesson on our drive east from Vancouver; when you see a gas station and you don’t know where the next one is, always stop and top […]

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Subaru/ IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit: Hurricane, Utah

First off, whatever you do, make an effort to pronounce Hurricane correctly. If you don’t, you’re bound to be the subject of some heckling. If you say it more like “Hurri-kin,” as opposed to “Hurri-cane,” you’ll find yourself much better off and spare yourself a good deal of public shaming.

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Subaru/ IMBA Trail Care Crew Visit: El Paso, TX

Our next stop on the traveling road tour was El Paso, Texas. At this point the IMBA crews split off and headed their separate ways. Kelly and Collins headed back east, while Inga and myself were to make our way towards the Pacific, through the southwest.

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Historic Opportunity for MTB Access in Marin County, California

For Immediate Release 5-26-09 Contact Mark Eller IMBA Communications Director 303-545-9011 ext. 115 California State Parks has announced a proposal to open a singletrack trail for mountain biking in Marin County, on the shoulders of Mt. Tamalpais. The agency plans to allow bicycle use on the 4-mile Bill’s Trail segment, and is soliciting public […]

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Subaru/ IMBA Trail Care Crew Visits Part III: Carlsbad, NM

After our job in Payson, Arizona, the two Trail Care Crews traveled to Carlsbad, New Mexico. On the way south we stopped in Tucson to ride with some friends. 

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Freedom Riders Preview

Freedom Riders is a documentary about a group of riders in Wyoming that were able to successfully work with the Forest Service to legalize their FR trails. The film will be premiered on Friday, April 18, at the Sea Otter Classic. Freedom Riders, a core group of riders who evolved to creating a precedent setting […]

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Subaru/ IMBA Trail Care Crew Visits Part II: Payson, AZ

Life on the road can be a bit hectic. Trying to balance bike advocacy with having a personal life, as well as trying to maintain a semblance of physical fitness has been a challenge, but after a few months of living on the road, we’re actually managing to get into a sort of non-routine-routine. If […]

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Sedona Vacation

When living a life that consists of driving spot to spot on the road, it is always good to find a place to check out for a bit and hide. Even better if its known for gorgeous scenery and legendary trails. After our Subaru/ IMBA Trail Care Crew visit to Phoenix, we choose to make […]

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Join IMBA for Two Great Events at the Sea Otter Classic

IMBA California is gathering bike advocates, clubs, industry leaders, and land managers for a California Advocacy Summit followed by a benefit party during the 2009 Sea Otter Classic. The benefit party will feature great beer, food, and the premier of the film Freedom Riders. IMBA Happy Hour and Film Premier of Freedom Riders April 18, […]

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