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Northstar at Tahoe: the Gypsy Trail

The Northstar resort in Tahoe is pretty much the summer destination for gravity addicted downhill and freeriding mountain bikers in the Bay Area and continues get a bit better every year. We missed getting a trip in last season due to having sold off DH bikes to pay bills, and although the quiver is now […]

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Fresh gear: Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon

There are plenty of reviews of the popular Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon posted online.  Riders have taken to the attractive carbon rig all over, whether they’re looking for a long travel trail steed, an aggressive all mountain or light weight freeride rig. So when it came to writing our Johnny-come-lately review, I didn’t feel the need […]

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The Northwest School of Freeride at Windells Camp

Portland, Oregon has one of the largest concentrations of bicycle friendly concrete skateparks. It is heaven for a lot of 20″ riders, and more than a few top rank BMXers live in the area and call it home. However, when it comes to dirt, and facilities for beginners and intermediates, there isn’t anything for rider […]

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Freeride Line at Post Canyon Vandalized

Lame. Seriously lame is what it is. Last weekend Mad Max, Moto Mike, and mopey me (had to throw that it to keep the M’s rolling) were riding out at Post Canyon on our regular freeride mission. This week was slightly different, as we brought trail and all mountain bikes with the intent to do […]

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UPDATE: Marmot is out, Road 14 is in

<UPDATED>We’ll just get to the point regarding the Flow Trails at the Marmot Dam area. Freeride trails were not authorized for the area, and will not be sanctioned at this time. All the wood structures featured in the previous post have been decommissioned. Does it suck? Yes. It is heart breaking to see the hard […]

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How to convert your trail bike into a DH friendly sled

It’s a familiar situation. You love ripping it up on trails, and enjoy hammering on your trail bike for hours on end. However, after watching some bike videos, a seed is planted, and the desire to step up your technical game and ride more challenging terrain has formed. Maybe it is time to start hitting […]

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Building and riding at the Marmot Dam Trails – Updated w/BLM Response

(updated – scroll to bottom for latest info) As a mountain biker that admittedly has a love for gravity fed experiences first and foremost, learning about the up and coming Marmot Dam Trail System was nothing short of a treat. I’ve missed the last two underground DH races at the Marmot Dam trails, so I […]

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Video: the Flying Dutchman DH Trail in Knappa, OR

I did a bit of filming of some local NW rippers on our secret trails in Knappa last week. The guys recently did a trail maintenance day, and the conditions of the trail were incredible. The trail we’re on is called the Flying Dutchman. It’s the shortest trail on the hill, as it only goes […]

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WTF’s Blackrock Shuttle day a hit, rain and all

Over 150 riders gathered in Falls City to sample some of the best DH & FR riding the northwest has to offer. A lousy forecast scared almost 50 of the registered riders off, but another 50 unregistered riders showed up, helping raise even more funds to be earmarked for developing downhill and freeride trails in […]

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The Fam Jam Returns

The Second Annual Fam Jam freeride competition is scheduled to go off on Friday, September 11. Held at Folsom Bike Park in Folsom, California, the contest has a $1,500 purse and tons of prizes from X-Fusion, Atomlab and Blk Mrkt. Here’s the full flyer and click the flyer for more details: The first one went […]

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