Dirt Jump

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Put some steez in that whip

“There ain’t nothing better than the feeling you get, while throwing the bike sideways and throwing a twisted whip.” That quote is just one snippet from the lyrics in the following video. Is it a bit silly? Maybe, but totally spot on. And now I want to get my dirt jump bike out and hit […]

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Salem Fairgrounds Covered Dirt Jump Spot Check

On our way up from southern Oregon we stopped off at the Salem Fairgrounds to see what the status of the covered bike park area was. There aren’t a lot of covered areas to ride in the winter here in the northwest, so knowing these jumps are happening could be relevant to our sanity in […]

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How to do No-foot Cans with Transition Bikes

When I saw this clip, I had to repost it, as I have wanted to learn this trick for a long time- Transition Bike factory rider Mike Metzger breaks down the no footed can-can trick step by step, in possibly the best way I’ve seen it explained to date. Now I just have to get […]

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Backyard bikepark project: Phase II begins

After the experience of clearing brush and building a pump track almost completely solo, (and by hand, at that) I knew that mechanized tools would be required to create a private bike park in the backyard that would live up to the vision I have. The plan all along has been to bring heavy machinery […]

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Hall Ranch Trails

We finally received a taste of Colorado single track last week when we rode the Hall Ranch Trails. Once we had picked up our Subaru supplied IMBA car and our new Fisher Roscoe trail bikes, (and customized them with some key spec changes for getting rad), we were anxious to get them out on a […]

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