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The Fix Pump Track: Boulder, Colorado

One of our favorite spots to ride in the city of Boulder was amazingly enough, at a bike shop. A lot of shops have test ride areas where one can “try before you buy”. However, this is one shop that took that concept and blew it up! It isn’t often you see a shop that […]

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MBAction’s newest contributor: ihatebikes

We’re stoked to be onboard with Mountain Bike Action as their newest contributor. We’ve been reading the mag since before we bought our first bikes! We’ll be giving spot updates, ride reports and gear reviews as we travel the road. Check out our first submission: Riding Boulder, Colorado’s Bike Parks. click here to check it […]

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Valmont Bike Park Update

During IMBA’s staff week, we had the chance to sit down with Pete Webber, IMBA Trail Specialist , and learn more about the Valmont Bike Park. He pulled out the original blue prints and shared the scoop on this incredible project. For those uninformed of the scope of the project, the Valmont Bike Park is […]

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The Gunbarrel Jumps (AKA Eaton Park)

Boulder, Colorado has a lot of great riding for the dirt jumper/ freeride/ downhiller demographic. Between the jumps at the Fix, 63rd, the Boulder skatepark, and the Gunbarrel Jumps at Eaton Park, there is a lot of fun to be had. When you add all the awesome places to ride within an hour’s drive, the […]

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Riding the Boulder Skatepark

One of the best things about Boulder is how bike friendly this town is. On top of that, there are a ton of places to freeride and dirt jump. With the addition of the much hyped Valmont Bike Park, Boulder is straight writing itself into the map. The bike love even extends to the skatepark, […]

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Boulder and the Valmont Bike Park

Inga and I just returned from a visit to Boulder, Colorado, for a visit to IMBA headquarters. A major topic of interest we discussed was the Valmont Bike Park.

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