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Stuff We Like: Kitsbow Jersey

by Jason Van Horn on February 1, 2013

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There is something about this uber-high end jersey from local MTB clothing start-up Kitsbow that strikes a chord in us. It could be our obsession with merino wool, or the trim but not skin-tight fit. Or maybe because it’s the jersey a young mountain biking Han Solo would choose to rock while buzzing through the forests of Endor.

Quilted shoulder and elbow pads? Dig it. Smartly placed hydration pack friendly pockets on the side? Nice. Dropped tail? Of course. Abrasion resistant cordura outer layer? For this price I’d be pretty mad if my pack snagged it- something all my other jerseys suffer from. The drawback is the price point which is bound to offer sticker shock not unlike a good slap to the face. At $327.00, you’ll only be seeing this jersey on our trail riding 1%ers. Still, if cost wasn’t a factor, this jersey would already be in my closet next to my favorite merino base layer and hoodie.

The initial catalog contains minimal product offerings currently, (basically one full kit- socks to come?) but also offer a nice looking take on the all mountain / trail short. However, although I love the silhouette on the shorts, I’m not crazy about the buy-the-perfect size philosophy. For this much cash, I want a pair of shorts that I can adjust and not have to worry about sliding down when I’m back to trimmed down mode during the riding season. Perhaps the guys at Kitsbow are good about keeping the same weight year round, but have a feeling I speak for many of us when I say that’s not quite realistic. Still, this bunch is blazing their own path, and it should be interesting to see what they come up with next.

Check it out: Kitsbow

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