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Giro Road Apparel Collection

by Jason Van Horn on March 1, 2013

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We pretty much love to wear bike friendly clothes whenever we can. I don’t get to hit dirt every day, but as a bike commuter, (even if it is just a half mile to the train station) I’m on one of my bikes daily, whether it’s a cruise to the store to pick up some eggs or coffee, or getting myself to work and back. I can’t even wear regular socks anymore- my sock drawer is filled with enough poly-blend, sweat-wicking wunder-socks to go without having to do laundry for almost two weeks. I can’t wear regular jeans anymore either; all my jeans are made of stretch denim with a bike-friendly cut, gussets and all the sweet bikey-wikey stuff you’d expect from a good pair of bike to work jeans.

I’ve recently become enamored with wool as well. Another expensive addiction, but damn, the stuff is nice. I could wear that sh*t every day. While I’ve owned a few pieces in the past, quality merino wool is totally comfortable, and doesn’t itch at all. Speaking of merino, some folks at Giro obviously feel the same way as I do, and it shows in their new road apparel collection. Unlike the garish polyester road apparel we’ve come to expect numerous other clothing manufacturers, the new pieces look like you could wear them in your day to day life without looking like a doper-wanna be, and still knock out 4 hours of saddle time. Their new Merino Ride Jersey and 5M Overshort stand out as garb I wouldn’t be ashamed to show my face in at the park or coffee shop. I’ve been growing fond of sneaking away during my lunch break to get bike time in, and wearing this kit would mean no one would be the wiser.

On top of it all, everything is made here in California. Look for the new Giro Road Collection in your favorite shops later next month.

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