Bermstyle is an online cycling blog focused on the gear and apparel utilized in a #bikelife. With an emphasis on dirt culture, we celebrate the escape from the daily grind, even if it’s just the stolen moments on a bike in the city.

Bermstyle was born on the workbenches of Oregon bike shops over beer soaked discussions of what worked and what didn’t. Formerly known as Ih8bikes.com/www.ihatebikes.net, we’ve grown beyond our humble dirt bag bike shop roots.

From $20 cut-off Dickies to the latest performance fabrics, our tastes have evolved over the years, but recognize obsession with gear can be rough on the budget. Like you, we’re always on the hunt for a great product at a great price.

Currently based in Portland, Oregon, we can be found throughout the Northwest and the Bay Area — find us where the riding is good.


Jason Van Horn

Photographer / Editor / Creative Director / MTB Skills Coach / MTB Trails Advocate

Known for his unending desire to play on anything with two wheels and a handlebar, Jason has been photographing and writing about riding bikes since 2004.

His cycling photography has been featured in Bike Magazine, Mountain Bike Action, Dirt Rag, Bicycling, Decline Magazine, Enduro MTB Magazine, Momentum Magazine, and Wend.com to name a few. He’s been a bike mechanic, a professional trail builder and a MTB Skills Coach at www.Bikeskills.com.

Contact him at jason@bermstyle.com
Follow Jason on Twitter: Twitter.com/Bermstyle

Inga Beck

Editor /  Social Media & Marketing Outreach


inga aboutInga loves mountain biking; so much that she felt inclined to give back to the sport that makes her so happy. First working for the International Mountain Bicycling Association as part of the Trail Care Crew Program with her partner Jason Van Horn, she had the opportunity to travel and experience trails all over the U.S. and Canada. After IMBA, she returned to a more conventional existence though she continues to give back to her favorite sport, holding a pro-bono role with the Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay as their Membership Director and ride leader for the monthly women’s Ride Like a Girl rides.

She is on her fifth year working with Bikeskills.com as their Marketing Manager and Instructor. She has also spent the last 8 years contributing to Bermstyle.com as an editor and doing PR and Marketing. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Western Bikeworks/Velotech, Inc.

She loves (and owns) bikes of all genres, but is most excited to hit the trail. You can find her pedaling just about anywhere in Portland, and on her time off can be found riding at Sandy Ridge, Post Canyon or exploring a new trail.

Inga is currently available for private mountain bike clinics, modeling or talent gigs. If you are interested in working with her, please do not hesitate to get into contact.

email: inga@bermstyle.com

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This site occasionally uses affiliate links. Purchases made through these links result in a portion of your total purchase given to Bermstyle as part of a revenue share. These funds cover hosting fees and expenses, whatever is left goes towards giving gear monkeys peanuts.

Gear Reviews: Items discussed on the site are generally acquired in one of three ways:

  • Products purchased at retail
  • Products purchased directly from the manufacturer
  • Products provided as samples from the manufacturer

We prefer to focus on products we’re psyched on for the most part, but truth be told, there is some lame stuff out there. Some of it is so bad we have to write about it. Occasionally we’ll contact a manufacturer directly and offer feedback and possibly constructive criticism. Either way, we make a major effort to keep it real and call it like it is, for better or worse.