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Softride Hang5 Hitch Rack

We’ve been keeping an eye out for a bike rack that can hold a good number of bikes for a while. While we’re currently happy with our rear hitch rack, (a Kuat 2-Bike) we’d ideally like to be able to cart at least three bikes on the road with us when we leave town. The […]

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Reviewed: Kuat NV 2 Bike Rack

In our research for a new hitch mounted bike rack we looked at a number of models. I’ve had experience with a number of hitch mounted racks, and sold pretty much all of them at once point as operations manager of an online shop. When we had the opportunity to test out a Kuat NV, […]

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Shopping for a hitch rack: The Northshore 6-Bike Rack

We recently purchased a Honda Element Sports Utility Vehicle. Most everyone is familiar with the boxy profile of the Element, and its usefulness as a transportation for getting our bikes to the trails. It is more like a Subaru AWD car than a truck, but with all wheel drive and rubber interior, it fits our […]

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